TGIF 4/10/15

I love my Fridays because that means the weekend is here and I can crochet without that many interruptions, especially because I want to see if I can wrap up my Big Cozy Blanket this weekend, and that vintage chair turned table for my Recycled RoomΒ and the rug which I have not touched for a while and it is almost finished and I want to check it off my list yesterday.

It is fun having several WIP’s going all at once but it gets annoying when none of them are getting completed, Β and I know you feel the same πŸ™‚

Hopefully on Monday morning I will have a nice update on my various projects.


Stay safe and have a very Happy Weekend, and enjoy Today It is A gift..see you soon….


  1. How lovely!


  2. Happy work on all your projects.

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  3. Good luck with all your projects!


  4. Here’s hoping for progress to be made!


  5. That is just gorgeous!


  6. Aim to get one finished. Then you can start something else!


  7. That is so-o-o-o-o pretty!!!!! Happy Weekend to you, bloggy Friend!!!!!!!


  8. That’s so pretty. I love the purple color!
    I need to get started on something new myself. Thanks for sharing. Have a “productive” weekend!


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