I have looked at these tables for a while and I want one

'Crochet' Table by Marcel Wanders


for my Recycled/Crochet Room click on the photograph and it will take you to the page.

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Marcel Wanders is a Dutch designer with “An innovative approach to materials and technology, as well as the blending of handcraft and industrial technology, characterizes Wanders’s work” Marcel Wanders: The Designer Pinned Up, is a book about his designs and you can find it on Amazon here

The crochet part looks intricate but with patience I believe I can design it the part that is complicated is to get the resin and whatever else he uses to stiffen the thread.

The thread needs to be a thick cotton, so that it will look like this, and I will name it The Wanders Crochet Table made by Me 🙂

So, what are you doing on this lovely Thursday? Me? I am daydreaming about this chic table….

Well this is all for now, See You Soon….



  1. I things to be discovered. I had never seen anything like this. Made me wonder if I could make one 🙂 Thanks for the great ideas.

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  2. Love the chairs! I wanna make one – but I’ll have to try and get my crochet bowl right first. x

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  3. These tables are gorgeous, but I wonder how much weight they would hold!

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  4. I have never seen anything like it before, wow, I love the chair! Sharon x

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  5. This is amazing and I think it’s very chic and intriguing!

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  6. Remember when they used to stiffen material with glue? Wonder what would happen if you used super glue? Just saying…

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  7. Wow, are you actually going to have a go at this?

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  8. Sanderella's says:

    Wow! Unusual! Thanks for sharing! Sandy

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  9. That looks cool! Good Luck!
    I’m working on a c2c scarf. Enjoy your day!😃

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