Good morning Monday!! Hello Artisans and blogosphere!!

Well to start, I want you to know that my BC blanket is almost completed.

Big Cozy is a very soft and warm bulky yarn, I love the feel and look of this yarn, the only negative thing about it, is that it “sheds” a lot.  I hope after it is completed and washed it will stop “shedding”.

Next, I am still working on my dishcloths, and trying out new stitches and that is going well, and I am going to attach a tag to them for that “special touch”.

Image result for tags for handmade crochet items Image result for tags for handmade crochet items

Image result for tags for handmade crochet items Image result for handmade crochet tags

Image result for handmade crochet tags Image result for handmade crochet tags

Goals for this week:  work on tags and completely finish my Big Cozy Blanket, these are not very big goals so I NEED to complete them 🙂

Well, this is all for now, I hope you are on track with your goals…..See You Soon….




  1. BC is around the corner! I look forward to seeing it! I love the stitched tags!


  2. Interested to see your tags. A nice idea.


  3. The tags are sweet. Great idea.


  4. Great! I can’t wait to see it.


  5. Looking forward to seeing pics of the finished pieces!


  6. Looking forward to seeing BC 🙂
    For tags, I use fabric sample books that I get from textile agents, I cut them up leaving a little square of the fabric on the one side. Will post a pic later, they really look great. I love the hearts you’ve featured. ❤


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