Today is the 3rd day of our blog week and I find that if you post your title like I did it will show up in Google and you will find others that are participating.

Today is Photography Day and the purpose is to experiment with photography so as to present our projects to look professional and appealing to the visitors of our blogs.

I am going to use several of my projects and maybe one or two new ones.

IMG_8109 IMG_7226 IMG_6918-0 IMG_6829


I find that the Camera plus app is one of the best if you want to edit photographs and add text in a few seconds.

Usually because of bad lighting or evening lighting the photograph comes out looking sick but when you hit the edit button you can give your pics a brighter life 🙂

The examples that I used are all altered and I think they look much nicer than the original photograph.

So, this is all for now, remember if ou want your post to show up in Google so other participants can visit with you and you with them try to write the tittle of the post like I did.

Have a Fantastic Wednesday, See you soon…



  1. Beautiful creations! But love love love that lace one 🙂

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  2. You make some amazing things. What is on your hook now?

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  3. Quazar03 says:

    The lace is stunning! Very pretty.

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  4. Lovely pictures! I especially like the big cozy yarn blanket!

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