What in the world is Tarn? well,  I am about to explain it 🙂

Tarn is the name given to the yarn you get when you cut cloth or t-shirts into strips. This yarn is thicker and stronger than regular bulky yarn.

Because you can cut the strips yourself, you decide if you need either thin, medium or a thick yarn. Tarn is very versatile and it is used to create a lot of nice projects.

Tarn is especially suited for rugs in high traffic areas where you need beauty and strength 🙂

Tarn can be used when you need a nice texture to contrast against a smooth texture like a sofa, or any where you want to put it…It Fits!!

You Tube has great tutorials like this one and this one and here are some projects that looks really nice with tarn.

google images

Image result for rugs made with tarn Image result for rugs made with tarn

My RR is made of 100% recycled material, my tarn is made of old bed sheets, t-shirts, sweaters, etc but the best tarn I like to work with is t-shirts made of  a blend between cotton and polyester or lycra, these gives a nice elasticity to the tarn.

You can buy Tarn too, click here for a post on buying tarn.

Tarn by any other name is still  tarn,

Image result for hoooked zpagetti yarn Image result for trapillo yarn

Image result for trapillo yarn trapillo-especial

So, make your own or buy it, you will be happy you did.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!! Today is A Gift!!!


  1. Never thought to make my own yarn from cut up cloth. I’ve made bags from cut up plastic bags and that was fun. Might give this a try.


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