Can you even believe that we are in the middle of the year already? NO!! it caught me by surprise, really 🙂

A lot of  crochet artists start their preparations for Christmas Gifts in this month, and I believe that is a good idea. I think I should start too.

Updates: My DIY Crochet Dishcloths mountain is growing at a steady pace and I am totally delighted.

It is so nice to start a project and be finished in 2 to 3 hours, it does your creativity a boost 🙂

I basically just did dishcloths all weekend, but I need to start making more tarn, I need to cross RR of the list, he is almost done so I don’t have a valid excuse.

Changing subjects: I am in the preparation stages for our next Road Trip a.k.a Tapestry Crochet Coin Purse, more on that soon.

This is a new technique for me so I don’t want to have mechanical breakdowns in the middle of the trip 🙂 so I need to plan carefully.

Well this is all for now, hoping you had a nice weekend and a very productive week and month ahead. Hugs!! 






  1. Are the dishcloths made as gifts? You do have quite a pile. 🙂


  2. Those are so pretty. I am currently making some for a swap buddy of mine. I hope they turn out as pretty as yours and that she loves them. 🙂


  3. Pam @ Hooks and Hills says:

    Did you see you’re on Kathryn Vercillo’s blog today? ? 🙂 🙂


    Pam @hooksandhills http://www.hooksandhills.wordpress.com

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  4. Where is the year going???? I started my xmas pressies last July… but it feels like Christmas has just finished this year. Better start making my list.

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  5. Yes, can’t believe it’s June already either. I started knitting Christmas Jumpers in January, but not got too far, must make a present list and get to it.

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  6. I hadn’t realised we were at the middle of the year until I read your post!! Phew where did that go to? I have been busy today stitching Christmas gifts, actually started in February – anything to not have the same last minute rush as last year 🙂 I still have yet to start my crochet dishcloths but I do have one wash cloth finished and am in the process of making a wash puff. Take care and have a great week. x


  7. It amazes me the stuff you can crochet. I shouldn’t be surprised at all you’d start on Christmas stuff now. I wonder what it takes to get on your list …

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