I hope you rested and enjoyed a very nice weekend and you have at least some of the supplies for the Road Trip.

I have decided our coin purse will have a rounded construction, so we will work continuously on the right side. The amount of rows will decided later, but this is a fast project.

We are going to work with only 2 colors at a time, so let us say you have more than 2 colors then you want to divide them up between the top and bottom and then the little motifs.

For example, I have 5 colors and I am going to decide which color will form the motif and which color is the background, I haven’t decided on that as of yet, I believe that can be done while we are working.

I need to work on the amount of stitches to form the base. In these rows we are going to have increases, after we have our width then we are not going to increase anymore, just like when you are making a beanie.

When the increases stop, then we work on our design or motifs, I have no idea what you call them 🙂

Take a look on the design,  just for a general idea, I need to put it on a graph paper. 

I know the stitch count will change, but for now let us use this pattern:


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