I hope you are all caught up by now, because we are going to sew on the metal clasps today.

Your 2 crochet flaps should fit neatly in the metal clasps, then take your needle and sew into each hole. I had to do single strand thread because the needle could not go through the hole when I doubled the thread.

Sewing will seem easy but to me it was hard, I took so much time on this section it is not even funny 🙂 well it is in a way 🙂 but the holes were so small and it takes several tries….

So, I hope it went faster for you and check the photographs for any questions or leave any concerns in the comment section….thanks!!



  1. It’s turned out really nice. Well done! What’s next?

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  2. Awesome! I love it 🙂

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  3. Whaaaaaa………there’s no “Love” button!!!!!!

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