Remember how long, long time ago I wanted to learn Irish Crochet Lace? and I bought the book and lots of thread and even made some motifs?? only to decide that, that type of crochet wasn’t  “my cup of tea” ? Do you remember that? 


or when we had monthly competitions with Marianne? 


It seem so long ago isn’t it? but it is just few years ago.

I have learned a lot since starting this blog and I hope to continue learning. There are still lots of projects I want to make and lots of stitches to master like the Bullion Stitch which is still somewhat of my nemesis, but I will keep on practicing, and my Big Bag? 

It can get nostalgic sometimes how time flies…Enjoy Today it  is a Present 🙂


  1. How true, thank you for the reminder. We can get carried away with life sometimes and forget to just enjoy it.

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  2. Nice!

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  3. Lovely post. xx

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  4. Love the Big Bag and today is definitely gift!!!!!!!

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