Autumn is invigorating especially if your favorite colors are in the red spectrum. I have loved the color Red, since I was a tiny tot.

It is such a nice, happy, vibrant color, it is one of my top 3  all time favorite colors, so let us celebrate the “Colors of Fall”.


Image result for crochet for autumn Image result for crochet for autumn

Image result for crochet for autumn Image result for crochet for autumn

For us in the USA we have 2 holidays: 1-Thanksgiving which is all about food and family and friends and 2-Halloween which I choose not to celebrate but I do give out candies to the little ones that come to our door.

Autumn flavors like pumpkin spice and desserts like pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup is healthy and delicious.

Fall brings cooler weather too, so why not make a brand new beanie or hat or scarf? …. if you have the time….let’s not get carried away 🙂 we have WIPs to finish…

Click on the larger photographs and it will take you to the page for the patterns.

This is all for today, stay on tract, stay Inspired and keep crossing off your list. See You Soon….

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  1. I’m a summer person, but it is nice to be able to pick up larger yarn projects again when the weather changes.

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  2. Great post. I love the scarecrow. I just love Autumn for many reasons but especially the leaves changing colour.

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  3. Awesome mix. Blessings Always, Mtetar

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  4. Love the hat! I think that’s going straight to hook and skipping the queue!

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