I love thread crochet, it is still my first love.

I love Thread Crochet because it is  Real Crochet to me. I know I am biased, but I learned to crochet using thread and well, I like it more than yarn.

I know I have messed around with wool and acrylic and such but I still love Thread Crochet πŸ™‚

Image result for crochet thread patterns Image result for crochet thread patterns

Thread is so classic and timeless we need to use it more.  It may take longer to complete one project but the finished project  is always beautiful, in my opinion.

It is easier to crochet with thread because thread glides easier on the hook, as opposed to some yarns like acrylic who tires you out if you do not have the right hook.

Image result for crochet thread sizes chart

Thread is versatile too, you can make the most intricate creation like Irish Lace or Bruges Lace or any lace and that one creation can last for generations and the beauty is timeless.


Image result for crochet thread sizes chart Image result for crochet thread sizes chart

Image result for crochet thread hooks 

Okay, you get my point: Thread Rocks!!!

Have A Wonderful Tuesday Artisans…..Stay Inspired πŸ™‚

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  1. Crochet thread is beautiful and such beautiful things can be made from crochet thread. I just don’t have the skills to crochet with thread. I crochet way too big, so thread is totally out of the question for me. Maybe when I have had a lot more experience under my belt, I may try it again. I consider myself still a newbie at crochet.

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  2. I have a question for you – I would like to crochet some wash clothes, the directions I have tell me what size needle (sorry I can’t find the pattern right now) but the finished project is huge. What size needle should I use?

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    • there are several ways to go about this: you may want to start with less stitches, check to see how many chain stitches you started with and subtract 5 or ten stitches, or use a much smaller hook, I am using a size G for an airy and loose cloth, or increase your tension, to make each stitch tighter…hope this helps..:-)


  3. It is truly beautiful, I could be tempted to try it after looking at your lovely work.

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  4. Thread intimidates me, but I’m trying to work my way down to it by using finer and finer yarn.

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  5. Thread crochet is amazing but I am always put off by the time it takes, something else to aspire to do in 2016 all being well!! x

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  6. I love crochet! I am a bare beginner (I can make a mean dishcloth or towel) but this thread crochet looks lovely!!

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  7. Daniella, come over to my blog , I’ve just posted a butterfly for you, hope you’ll like it !

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  8. I learned to crochet with the thread crochet doing dollies. Now, I crochet other things, and I prefer to use yarn.

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  9. Thread crochet was my first passion too. I used to make things for my mum, who would buy me the thread, and I am very pleased to see that, although she passed away a few years ago, my siblings have kept the things I made for her. Like you said: timeless! πŸ™‚

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  10. A very good observation. It’s always best to use the materials in a way in which they were intended. Crochet yarn has the perfect twist.

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  11. My mother used to make the most beautiful things with thread crochet. I’ve tried it, but it’s hard for me…any pointers?

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