Good Morning!! welcome to a new week and the countdown continues for us who are into Handmade Christmas gifts.

Today, I want to touch on the Finishing Touch to put our projects over the top, if it sounded cheesy, it’s okay, you got my point 🙂

When you finish the last row of your project your piece should look decent but if you want that professional “feel” to your work you need to give it a “Proper” ending, here comes the Edges/Borders, which is worked directly on your project, and it is different that the Trim which is done separately then attach to your work.

Craftsy has a nice guide which I have downloaded and it’s totally free, you can click here if you want to learn different techniques to give a flawless finish to your work.

This is a guide but like I often say: you can invent or make up your very own finishing stitches. I have invented several to use on my dishcloths and I will be sharing with you soon.

Remember Crochet is limitless when it comes to new stitches and techniques, you can “invent” your own stitches and techniques.

Let me share the Crab Stitch which is one of may favorites:

Crochet crab stitch tutorial

Image result for crochet crab stitch edge Image result for crochet crab stitch edge

It is super easy, please click on the top photograph for the tutorial or go to You Tube for the visual tutorial.

I used it some years ago when I made this beanie01222013 014 01222013 013

If you like to showcase your projects please join Craftsy they have some fun projects and giveaways. You can learn and hopefully win at the same time.

Okay, so this is all for today, Have a Great Week Ahead!!! See You Soon..


  1. it would be nice to see your version 🙂


  2. I haven’t seen that one before, thanks for sharing, it looks great. x

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  3. I’ve never tried the crab stitch to finish, but what a nice look!

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  4. I have used the Crab Stitch in the past: it really gives your work a lovely finish.


  5. love your craft stuff – put me in the mood for Christmas (it doesn’t take a lot I’m very Christmassy! lol) I don’t crochet (more the write, paint, sculpt type) but I can appreciate good stuff when I see it.
    Thanks for dropping by and following, maybe I’ll do likewise so I can enjoy your Christmas projects.

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  6. I like crab stitch too though the way I learned to do it first is not exactly the same as some other methods I have seen. Not sure if it’s just my interpretation though.


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