Crochet Dolls – TADAH!

This reveal has to be one of the most fun projects I have EVER undertaken, certainly the most enjoyable crochet project I have ever had the pleasure to immerse myself in – even more than a blanket! Anyone who crochets will know how deeply satisfying the process of blanket-making is, especially during the Winter months.  […]


  1. I love making Amigurumi and my favourite is my Melissa the Mermaid I designed a couple of years ago!

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  2. Great Talent. Blessings Always, Mtetar

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  3. Completely relate to the blanket making in Winter…as soon as it started to get cold, I started to look for the blanket I had started to make last winter. Hopefully I will finish it this winter! The crochet dolls are so cute!

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