Good Morning Everyone!! How was your weekend? Terrific? Good!!!!!! 🙂

Today starts the countdown for our  Road Trip a.k.a T/W Bag CAL, we want to leave early Friday morning, that way we have all weekend to complete the body section of the bag.

Few things to keep in mind: this crochet along can be adapted to fit you. My bag is medium size but you can add more stitches to create a bigger bag.

We are learning  3 new stitches.  Please click  here for the post. I know you have mastered the stitches by now 🙂 plus we are using basic crochet stitches too.

You have the freedom to adapt the bag to your likeness and what you want to accomplish with this bag, my design fits me.

Okay, so now that we have that out-of-the-way I want to show you what I want to carry in my Tool/Work Bag: 

Image result for crochet hooks sizes Image result for jumbo crochet hooks sizes

Image result for tape measure Image result for scissors

Image result for yarn  Image result for yarn


Image result for crochet stitch markers Image result for crochet stitch markers

I am packing only the hook(s) that I am expecting to use plus the yarn/thread and scissors and a small tape measure plus  stitch markers, if needed.

When it comes to stitch markers what are you? Cute or Practical? 

It is cute to be cute 🙂 but I tend to be practical 90% of the timeImage result for crochet stitch markers vs Image result for crochet stitch markers

So, I use what I have at hand be it pins, clips or just a different color strip of yarn but I won’t say no if I find cute markers at my yarn store.

Well, let me stop here and I want to wish you A Very Creative and Fun Filled Week……See You Soon….

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  1. I am practical. I use bobby pins since I tend to lose them and they come 50 to a pack. 🙂

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  2. I’m all for cute … but usually it’s whatever I grab first. Even used my earrings as a stitch marker.

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