I am excited that today we are leaving for a short relaxing trip. I hope you have all your supplies and all the stitches memorized and practiced and mastered.

Tips: the foundation is standard for a bag, we won’t turn our work when we reach the last chain we will continue on the underside of the foundation.

Okay, so let us start with Row 1: chain 20 then 3 chains this will work as our first double crochet (DC) skip one chain and then DC in each chain when you reach the last chain you DC 7 times in that last stitch, this is the corner, do not turn your work continue with one DC in each chain working on the underside of the foundation chains.

When you reach to the last chain (which is really the beginning chain) you DC 7 times in that chain, put a marker if you wish, and slip stitch (SS) your row closed.


Row 2: chain 1 and a do a half double crochet (HDC) in the back loop of  the same first DC from the previous row repeat  in the next DC, this will give us an increase. In other words, you should have 2 HDC in the first two DC from the previous row.

 Continue with only 1 HDC in the back loop of each DC, when you reach the last 2 DC you should crochet 2HDC in each of the these 2 DC, just like you did at the beginning  then slip stitch to close the row.

Row 3: we want to do the trinity stitch in this row and the next few rows, close this row with a single crochet (SC) 

You have the liberty to do any amount of rows you desire . I did like 4 or 5 rows . I changed colors for this stitch.


Let us stop here for today.



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