Today we want to work on the flap of the bag. We are using single crochet and the star stitch.

Tips: you can switch colors for the flap. After the flap is complete go over the whole area with SC this will give it a finished look and keep everything uniform.

I am not using the row number here because it depends on how many rows you did of SC, so please single crochet 3 rows, all around the body of the bag.


Next, chose the front of the bag, we are going to work only on the back part. Start at the corner : chain 3 and do a double crochet (DC) in the same chain, then DC in each space from previous row,  until you reach the next corner, do 2 DC in the last chain, stop chain 1 and turn, and single crochet (SC) until you reach the other corner.


 Next row: chain 3 and then DC in each space from the previous row, so you should have 2 rows of DC and one row of SC. Now we are decreasing and we are using the star stitch.

Star stitch: chain 1 next pull yarn through each space until you have 6 loops on the hook yarn over and pull through all the loops and close with a SC, repeat until you reach the corner, make your last star and chain 1 and turn.

Starting in the eye you chain 1 but then you want to do 2 SC in each eye until you reach the last star where you will put only 1 SC to match the other side.

Chain 1 and then repeat the star until you reach the other corner, because we are working on the back and turning to work on the front, the star will only show up on one row.

Next do another row of SC, this time go all around the bag cut the yarn and secure the ends.


 Check the photographs and ask me anything you do not understand 🙂 I know sometimes it is difficult to understand what needs to be done.

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