Hello Artisans, I hope you have done all your homework and the body of the bag is completed.

Today, we want to work the button and loop that closes bag. I am using  chunky yarn, so I had to unravel my yarn and this gave me several strands which are thinner and perfect for a button. 

Then I chose a hook size that fits this thinner  yarn.

This method is used to cover my button: chain 4 and close with a slip stitch (SS) then chain 1 and do enough half double crochet in your circle to fill it up, then close with a slip stitch. Next,  chain 1 and go around doing single crochet (SC) in each space add 1 or 2 single crochet,  if it is getting too tight.

Test to see if it covers the head of the button and if it does,  then you want to start decreasing with the button in place, when you are finished covering the button,  it is time to sew it on your bag.   
First,  you fold the bag in half, this will give you the center where you want to sew  your button. Then use either yarn or thread (I used the same yarn I used to cover the button) to sew button on, do a good job because it is going to get a lot of wear and tear.

Then do enough chains so your button can pass through the loop, close with a slip stitch. Please check pics.

 Now, you are ready to start the pouch that is the “tool keeper”. I chained 25 but you can adjust that number then you turn your work and single crochet in each space, continue adding rows until you have a nice square big enough to house your hooks. I used up all my striped orange yarn in the middle of a row, so I switched to the new color. This altered my plans, so I decided to crochet all around the square (like when we made the bottom of the bag). I did this to tie in the new color and made it look like it was “intended” 🙂

Let us stop here to give you time to complete this homework, if you are so inclined then sew on the tool bag, but I will show that in the next post.



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