We spend a lot of time in the lavatory/toilet, don’t we? so it is important to make it a clean and uplifting room.

When you enter this room it should bring a sense of calm, peace and uplifting energy, so why not decorate with crochet? It can do all 3 things with little effort.

Take for instance the king of the throne: the toilet paper, we can cover it for every holiday, if you like to decorate:

 Image result for christmas toilet paper cover

Image result for christmas toilet paper cover 


Just looking at these creations brings a smile to my face.

BEWARE: if you bring a book or a WIP into this room …. it could be hours before you are out…please don’t forget to add a little sign,   (so everyone’s  on the same page) and they won’t give you a HARD time……………. hopefully………. 🙂

 Image result for crochet do not disturb

Have A very Happy and Creative Tuesday Everyone!!!

thanks to Google for all images…



  1. I have hid an extra roll of toilet paper under a doll with a big dress 🙂 A snowman would be cute for the winter season..I will have to find a pattern. So cute! Thanks for sharing.


  2. what great ideas. 😉 thank you for sharing. 😉

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  3. We always had an spare roll under a crocheted hat when i was growing up, no holiday themes though. 🙂

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  4. This really made me smile!

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  5. This would get lots of comments, 🙂 although I may not feel to comfy with Santa around.

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  6. A good way to bring a smile on faces!

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  7. This brightened up my day! Can’t begin to imagine what the family would say if I did this to the bathroom:)

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