Image result for crochet christmas gift tags

Image result for crochet christmas gift tags Image result for crochet christmas gift tags

Image result for handmade crochet tags 

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These are really nice and there are lots more online.  I think you can make a statement if you go the extra mile.

Crochet/Knit etc items are handmade (not mass-produced) and to me that makes each item Unique and special, sometimes it is one of a kind which should put it in the Collectors List 🙂

I made some and I hope you think  they are Fab! they take like 5 minutes to make and I used the granny square method like the sunburst and the classic granny square.


 Use the tags for the recipient’s name or instructions for care or your “Designers Info” anything you want to put on it.

Let me know if you have more tips for wrapping handmade gifts, tagging each gift…my ears are open 🙂

I hope you have a very productive weekend, keep up the speed…….we are almost there…




  1. Lovely ideas! 😉

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  2. Great tips! Thank you for sharing!

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