High Fashion crochet is sometimes eccentric in my opinion but always ……absolutely stunning!!!!

crochet:  Vivian Tam: Crochet: Dress: AMAZING Crochet!: De Montfort University graduate collection:

Nicolas Jebran Couture F/W 2013:

I have no idea what the price range is but I am certain every one of these creations are into the thousand(s) dollar(s)  range, I can tell just by looking at the thread/yarn.

The stitches look like the basic ones so I know there is no mystery there. Let us not go into the amount of work….

Stay Inspired….Have a safe and creative day 🙂

click on the last  photograph for the credits


  1. You find the most interesting things!


  2. Um, yeah, that stuff is pretty wild.


  3. This is amazing! Love that last dress, wish I had the body to go in it! LOL

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  4. Those outfits are very interesting. It’s so cool to see crochet fashion. I especially liked the first two.

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  5. I am glad Crochet has made it into Haute Couture, but I think those outfits are totally ridiculous and can’t see them catching on!!! 😨😱😵

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  6. I know a girl that designed and made a knitted wedding dress when she was in high school, at first I thought it sounded weird but when I seen it, it really worked, and looked like a pretty wedding dress. I want to get back into crocheting more, I’ve been a little out of the loop.

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