I like to  work with 100% cotton, and I needed to know the difference between mercerized cotton and  unmercerized cotton.

So, I asked that question on Instagram and Chichisweets answered it, and told me it had to do with the process of mercerization. I don’t want to bore you, but if you are of a curious nature like me, then click here.

My intentions are to try to make a generic/ faux  Sophie Digard scarf 🙂

Here are two yarns I bought to see if they match “the look”




So, I will be reporting soon on my progress…

Happy Tuesday!!! Enjoy!!!


  1. I was told the difference myself today, apparently mercerizing it is similar to superwash with wool. apparently it is stressed under controlled conditions to make it more resilient. It also takes dyes better as nuvofelt said.

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  2. I like the hand feel of mercerized cotton better, but for dishcloths and stuff like that I use the unmercerized.

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  3. Good Luck!

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  4. Mercerisation makes all the diffence. I dye cotton – it gives bright vibrant colours, but unmercerised is dull and boring in comparison, even if included in the same dyebath.

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