Who said that micro crochet is fast? No one!

Well apart from changing my mind ten times,  my day project  has turned out to be NOT a day project, it is still under construction but very close to the finish line.

Nobody has guessed what it is going to be….


The MTB blanket broke one of my favorite plastic hook,  and that is never a  good feeling.

I love plastic hooks because they are light weight and they glide on yarn but they are too fragile for heavy-duty yarns, please remember to keep that in mind when you are starting a double strand acrylic yarn project.


I think if we could get a company to put in a core of steel and then cover it with plastic,  we would  have a super durable “perfect” hook.

My Faux SD scarf  has not been started, I wanted to get the smaller project out-of-the-way, but well, you know the story… hopefully by tomorrow I can show you progress…

So, today is set out to be a very productive day. Let me go now, but don’t forget to Have a Very Terrific Tuesday!!!



  1. harrietrosecreations says:

    So beautiful daniella! Keep up the good work

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  2. I can’t remember; what does MTB stand for? Thanks.

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  3. Best layed plans, eh? You’ll get there! I finished DH’s scarf and have now started a blanket for my sister’s dog using a slanting diamond stitch. It’s a new one on me and I’m really enjoying it! 😀

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  4. Oooh are you making those cool little balls??? I wanted to make some for a baby shower but I can’t crochet yet. My wrist is still all messed up 😦

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