Any one knows of a link up party for the leap day? If  so, please leave links in the comments sections 🙂

For the last  weekend in February, I want to work on my  scratched, damaged, good for nothing CDs and transform them into keepers, and while I am at it I want to use up scraps of yarn and thread, that are lying around, it’s like a Nothing Goes To Waste Day 🙂

So, start collecting all the stuff you don’t want to throw out and leave it in a corner/bag.

Changing subjects: I started my Faux SD Scarf and will update when I have a few inches done, my MTB blanket is moving along too, this project needs to be scratched off pronto.

Image result for crochet mandala Image result for crochet mandala

For V-Day there are lots of projects you can pick from, I like these hearts I found on Google.

You can practice stitches you have always wanted to try or invent new techniques, just tweak the pattern to your stitch and I promise you it will make a cute heart.

Image result for crochet hearts tutorial Image result for crochet lace hearts

Happy Tuesday!! let your creative spirit free….




  1. Wow, it seems like you’re going to be busy! Can’t wait to see your finished projects ^_^


  2. I like the idea of recycling unwanted stuff. What are you making with those damaged CDs? I’ve got loads!

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