I like Lace a lot too, and Bruges Lace is at one of the top spots, there’s no number one spot because they are all #1.

Remember when we had a Road Trip to learn Bruges Lace? we had lots of mechanical breakdowns 🙂 but we completed the trip, and made a small doily, very basic but cute:

Bruges Lace CAL

I never get tired looking at doilies made with the Bruges technique, come along and take a stroll with me…


Lots of beautiful work, I almost wish I didn’t have a need for sleep and had 6 pairs of  working hands 🙂

Changing subjects, the tutorial will continue on the weekend, I hope you have done your homework and we are all on the same page.

Have a Fantastic Friday, stay inspired….

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  1. It is absolutely beautiful. I adore it, its a real treasure!

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  2. You’re truly an artist! ❤

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  3. Bruges lace is beautiful. I’ve dabbled a little, in a very inexpert fashion, but was so impressed by the demonstrations and exhibits in the Bruges Lace Museum. We are back in the town in May, but may not have time to visit – you never know, though, I’ll be hoping…..!

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  4. I love those beautiful effects created by the swerly bits! 💖👍☺

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