We don’t need to have the full pattern to start, I have decided to start our doily tomorrow and design as I go along, this is much easier for me.

So, starting tomorrow we will start our Overlay Crochet Doily. I will say it is a little more intense than the first doily but nothing to be scared of, you probably  know all the stitches already, it just takes a little more concentration because the pattern changes more often.

Just think (in your mind) that this doily is like a highway with lots of turns and curves, you need to stay focused if not you will need to frog or unravel which is a bad word in itself πŸ™‚

I hope my little pep talk is working…

Okay, so for this project we are going to use yarn,  you should have sufficient at home without having to spend a dime. Next choose your hook and you are all set to go.

Overlay Crochet has to do with filling up spaces,  so this doily will look more like a dense cloth, as opposed to our first doily which was more “airy” and lace like.

I think they are levels in this type of Crochet too. I have seen some that are really elaborate….. but we may not be doing that…but who knows: I tend to change my mind often πŸ™‚

So, just immerse yourself in overlay crochet and relax, it is going to be fun πŸ™‚


Have a great Thursday!!!

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