Sorry it took so long to post, I hope you understand.

Today, we want to use the single crochet stitch SC, a long double crochet DC (it anchors 3 rows down) and the puff stitch. For the puff   you want to yarn over 5 times for a nice puff.


Row 5: single crochet two times in the space between the 3 CH and the DC from the row below, repeat in the next space, then you want to do a very long DC that is anchored in Row 2, next comes the puff stitch: yarn over and put the hook to the left or the space right beside the 2 SC, close your puff stitch PS with a chain, repeat until you reach the end of the row. SS to close row. Nutshell: 2 SC – 2 SC – 1 long DC – 1 PS, close with a SS.

Tips for this row: please verify you have 12 DCs and 12 puffs before you slip stitch to close the row.

Row 6: this row is all SS, space them like this: 1 SS on the 2 SC from previous row, so you  will have 2 SS for each 4 SC from previous row, then 2 SS on the puff stitch. Work in the back stitch.

Row 7: chain 3 and double crochet (DC) in each SS from previous row, simple enough.

Row 8: this row is a little more complex, we are using SC and Front Loop double crochet (FLDC) so chain 1 and do a SC for your first pair of SC then a FLDC in the DC from previous row. Nutshell: 2 SC – 1 FLDC, repeat until the end of row and close with a SS.

Tips: You are working in each space between DC and right under the top loop and around each DC (FLDC) in each space between DC.


Row 9: this row is similar to row 8, but instead of 2 SC it is only 1 SC, everything else remains the same. Nutshell: 1 SC – 1 FLDC, repeat until the end of the row and close with a SS.

Row 10: this row is using a short double crochet and a tall double crochet in the same stitch. The short DC starts in row 8, the tall DC starts in row 7, please check the photographs. Nutshell: 1 short DC – 1 tall DC without any chain spaces.


Row 11: this row we are using the bobble stitch. We are making the bobble stitch (BS) with only 3 DC so the bobble is small and we are anchoring the bobble with a slip stitch in the stitch next to the bobble. Check photograph for the visual:






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