I like the burst of color in my projects, just like you, but sometimes I like the elegant look of one solid color and the darker the color the better…


And this blanket is not one solid color but it seems to be calming to me…


And the chunkier the yarn the better….

What do you think? sometimes doesn’t it seem like lots of happy vibrant colors are perfect, at other times they just seem out-of-place and you want the calming and deep solid color to calm you down…

If you like crochet blankets I think you should keep the vibrant and the calming types close by, you will thank me later.. πŸ™‚

Happy Tuesday, let it be great…See You Soon…

thanks Google


  1. I love this post… very much like me .. I like a bit of colour but I’m very much into block colour. I always crochet greys whites and blues for myself and keep the various other colours for gifts x

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  2. I agree with fatimasaysell – there’s a place for both! A single colour allows the actual pattern to shine through xxx

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  3. Gorgeous, especially the top one!

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  4. There is a colour for every occasion!

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  5. These are absolute great ideas for things to make for my daughter. It is just so very much her taste, style and colour choice. Her first choice is grey, and it suits her home and lifestyle perfect. πŸ™‚
    Great post, thanks.

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