If you like soft comfortable shoes/slippers then I suggest you try crochet shoes.

Crochet shoes breathe so you can wear them all day and not worry about getting athlete’s foot, YAY! and they tend to be soft which helps you if you have Diabetes, another YAY!! 

So, why not take a Pinterest Drive today, with me…

 Image result for crochet shoesImage result for crochet shoes for menImage result for crochet shoes for men

Image result for crochet shoes for men 

These are all fab and soft but I found that D&G have  faux crochet shoes that don’t look soft and comfy to me: 

Thanks for coming along, Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!! 


  1. What a great idea.

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  2. The slippers and flats do look so cute and comfy but I really like the heels 😉

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  3. OMG I never seen that – so cool and nice! I like the last one shoes! Bye. Kamila

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  4. love it!

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  5. Wow! So many different crochet shoes! Love them 🙂

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  6. I really like the high heels haha. Omg I never thought of crochet shoes… maybe I should try these…

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  7. Awesome!

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