Row 13: we want to form a nice puff like stitch so 1 SC – 1 DC – 2 treble crochet (TC) – 1 SC, the single crochet anchors in the long double crochet from the previous row, then work the DC and TC in the same space, this will make our popcorn stitch in the next row.

Row 14: we are using a single crochet to make the popcorn stitch and a front post double crochet, we are working in the spaces you see in the photographs :  

Row 15: in this row we are using SC and working in the space before and after the popcorn and right under the top of the popcorn, if you find that it is not laying flat you can add one or two single crochet to keep it flat.

Tip: place a marker at the start of the row if you think you need it.


Row 16: this row is all single crochet too, the classic SC.

Row 17: more SC but this time we are working in the back loop (BLSC).



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