Row 22: this row is simple like all the other rows. Start with 2 SC in the same space repeat in the next space, you will notice you can only have 2 pairs before you reach the 3 TC from the previous row, so you yarn over and do your first FPDCC (front post double crochet cluster) then the second and then the third, you will have 4 loops on your hook then yarn over and close your cluster, check photographs.

 Next, start your pairs of SC, you should have 4 pairs before you reach your next 3TC group, repeat until you reach the end, you will only need two pairs of SC to close the row because we had two pairs right at the beginning.

Tips:You need to have 4 pairs of SC (2 SC – 2 SC – 2 SC – 2 SC)  between each front post double crochet cluster (FPDCC) group.

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