Row 23: this row is a breeze, all slip stitch  (SS) we are working in the spaces shown in the photograph. Start by tying your yarn three rows down (anywhere) and slip stitch around until you reach the end of the row, slip stitch to close.

This is how it should look when the row is completed:

Cut yarn and secure at the back of your work.

Row 24: for this row we are using the 4 double crochet cluster (DCC) group and single crochet. Start by attaching your yarn at the side of your front post double crochet cluster from previous row and do 4 DCC repeat at the other side, then single crochet three times and repeat, please check photograph.

Nutshell: 4 DCC – 4 DCC – 1 SC – 1 CH – 1 SC -1 CH – 1 SC – 1 CH – repeat, close row with slip stitch.


  1. You are AMAZING!! How do you find enough time to crochet AND blog? Both are time-consuming (although fun). You are definitely and real artist!!

    ❤ carmen

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