For this row we are using the Treble Crochet stitch (TC) the picot stitch, which is 3 chains and close at the starting stitch and the slip stitch as an anchor. 

Tips: the standing treble stitch is a way of starting a row without the single chains: here if you are not changing yarn and here if you are changing yarn.

Row 25: I did a standing Treble Crochet stitch: take your yarn and put a knot on your hook and yarn over two times and do your first TC in the middle space of the previous row add 4 more TC for a total of 5 TC in the same space then do your picot stitch to separate the 2 groups of 5 TC.

Make your second group of 5 TC in the same space for a total of 10 TC separated by 1 picot then you slip stitch in the middle of the 2 DCC from previous row. and repeat.

To end your row you need to pick up the top of the first TC stitch from the first group of 10 TC and anchor. Cut yarn and secure at the back of your doily.


  1. Extremely beautiful and lovely colors. Well done! If You love crochets, then visit my newest post.

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  2. Wow! Stunning!!!!

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  3. Don’t feel especially inspired to try overlay crochet but it is looking good!

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