Monday morning Hello!!!

Did you have your coffee or tea yet? if  the answer is YES!! then you are good šŸ™‚ if it is NO!! then we will wait for you, no rush….

Hello Monday We Meet Again

As for me: I worked on the Doily tutorial and I am adapting it for a pillow cover. I will add a finished post very soon. The last rows will be in the AD LIB category, you will need to adapt the design to whatever you need your project to be.

MTB is still on the wish list to be finished ASAP, not good, but I’m trying okay??!!  šŸ˜€

With the days getting longer I have to budget my time wisely to get the best of both worlds.

I need the sunshine and fresh air and I need to work on finishing projects because I am hoping to be a “Gainfully employed Artist” in the near future. Thanks to each of you who has giving me a Thumbs Up! and sent good vibes my way šŸ™‚

Changing Subjects: Are you into designing? Do you put your design on paper before you start or do you design while crocheting?

I am leaning toward sketching my design before I start my project. As you might know, I like starting projects and designing while I work. As long as I could “see it” in my mind I was okay.

This approach has worked for me as a “Hobby Artist” but now as I embark on my journey as a “Real Artist” or a Real Professional Crochet Artist, I need to polish and fine tune my designs šŸ™‚

This will help me not to waste time, like unraveling because I changed my mind ten times, etc.  

I believe when your design is on paper you can make all the changes you want and you will have a good idea how your project will look when it is finished.  And the number one reason this is important? You won’t waste precious time.

Another thing I want to make is a Yarn Holder, I think this will save me tons of time. I cannot quantify the amount of time I have lost unraveling tangles but I know it is a whole lot, which is Not Good, if you are a “Gainfully Employed Artist” you need a yarn holder.

So, I am going to devote some time this week to make a yarn holder, take a look at some of these I found on Google images:




I may use a paper towel holder and see how that works:

Image result for paper towel stand holder 

So, what do you say? do you have any more tips for me? Anything that has worked for you?

This is all for Today, Hope you have a great week Artisans….



  1. I have one of those cup’s in my cupboard and never thought to use it for yarn ! It was bought for my son but he doesn’t like it so I know what I’m doing with it now. Thank you šŸ™‚

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  2. sueelaine says:

    Love those yarn holder ideas! I’m forever untangling so I’ve been thinking about what would make my life easier for a while now! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. That colander is so cute!

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  4. When designing I do a bit of both. I usually sketch a section, then work it up, then sketch the next section etc. Great yarn bowl ideas šŸ˜ƒ

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  5. As you may have noticed from my blog, I spend a lot of time on paper and computer when I want to make something special! I don’t have a yarn holder but I do always use the yarn from the centre of the ball which works well till towards the end when you can get tangles.

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  6. When I’m designing crochet I generally have a ‘feeling’ of what I want. But I find I need to take up hook and yarn to actually get the pattern worked out. Nowadays, I also write down the pattern, row by row, as I go! My memory sometimes plays tricks otherwise šŸ˜‰

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    • I am that way too, but I’m leaning towards having it work out on paper before the crocheting starts I have a feeling I’m going to save a lot of time ….thanks for the tip! šŸ™‚

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