Back Yard Yarn Bombing for the Bees

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It’s International Yarn Bombing Day! When fellow crochet fan and blogger, Daniella at, announced the imminent arrival of a special day for yarn bombing, I had been thinking about making a climbing plant support for my nasturtiums in my new willow basket planter. Nasturtiums are very easy to grow and are very bee-friendly plants. As our poor bees need all the help they can get these days, I’ve grown quite a few nasturtiums this year, both in my back yard and on the allotment garden.

To celebrate International Yarn Bombing Day this weekend, I’ve been busy with my crochet hooks this week. Daniella’s post inspired me to create a crochet concoction for my back yard that would serve a double purpose – firstly as a climbing plant support, and secondly to add a little instant colour to the wall space reserved for the growing nasturtiums. I did some

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  1. Hello Daniella! I have nominated you for The Creative Blogger Award and the Blogger Recognition Award 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing my post, Daniella 😀

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