If you like granny squares and  enjoy taking part in the making of a massive virtual blanket, then this is for you.

Susan from suregal27 on Instagram is organizing the event for August 15 2016.

I hope to see your granny there 😀

So, this is your personal invitation,  let us make a special granny, okay? 😀

Have a terrific Thursday !!!


  1. Hello Kangeleri!! I hope you have an Instagram account, if you do then you post your granny pic with this hashtag #grannysquareday2016…….p.s: I’m happy you like my blog 🙂


  2. kangeleri says:

    Hey! Seems like an easy, but fun event. Can you please tell me how I can participate in it? Where should I send a picture of granny square? 🙂
    Btw your blog is awesome!

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