Happy Monday everyone!!! Today we celebrate the Classic and Iconic Granny Square.

I think the granny square is the backbone of crochet, and,  Yes, the  granny started as a square but now  you can find it in thousands of shapes and forms.

Mine was made with thread and resembles a flower:

But, the granny square made with yarn is the norm. Each square is joined to make beautiful blankets, bedspreads, etc., or done in one piece for a “giant” granny square blanket.

I used this type of technique when I did my Recycled Sofa:

In other news: today we celebrate the Granny Square with an event organized by Susan, it’s on Instagram, so please open an account on Instagram, and post your granny with the hashtag: #grannysquareday2016, Susan is going to build a Giant Collage.

Rush over  to Instagram and join in the fun! 😀

Happy Monday!! See You Soon….

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