Hello Autumn!! Hello September !!

I have been taking it easy for several months but now I need to start accelerating to reach maximum speed, Christmas is just around the corner and I have lots of WIPs to complete….

I started a scarf but it doesn’t feel finished to me, so I’m going to continue working on this scarf until I “see/feel” the green light πŸ˜€ I know you know what I mean…

I may take a Road Trip aka Crochet Along with you to enjoy the beautiful vibrant colors of falls and I hope you come along with me, without You it will be boring πŸ˜€

For this season I like lots of nice vibrant  light weight scarves  ( we don’t have extreme temperatures in Paradise πŸ˜€)

What are your plans for the rest of the year? I know many of you have finished several Christmas gifts already…WOW to you. Yay!! 

So, prepare for lots of high velocity….

Enjoy today, it is a gift…

All photographs are thanks to Google


  1. I’ve been in a funk I’m trying to perfect a “Viking hood” of my own design, I’ve managed a couple okayish ones.
    I like the ideaofcrocheting along with the changing colors of fall. I’m in Ohio, so light weight isn’t such a big deal, I’ve used thick yarns with smaller needles for super cozy scarfs.

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  2. Looking forward to seeing your WIPs! Hello Fall!

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  3. Tell me about it … I’ve got so many ideas in my head on what I want to do and not enough hours to work on it!

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  4. No Christmas finishes here!!!! Trying to finish up all the summer birthdays, etc! Yikes! Where did the summer go??? Leaving on Labor Day for the East Coast (til the 1st week in Oct)….and then it will definitely be Autumn! Enjoy your day!!!! Hugs…….

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