I am dedicating lots of time on this cocoon, I want to cross it off stat.

I edited in noir and HD for you to see the stitches. I am using the cluster stitch A Lot.

The cluster stitch is made up of 5 clusters so it’s a nice size puff. I like the texture it gives my cocoon and I believe it will keep the newborn nice and warm.

I’m using the single stitch and the slip stitch to break up the monotony 😀 I get bored using only one stitch. 

I anchored some of the clusters with a treble in two rows below.

Because babies are born long, I am going to continue working on my cocoon until at least 20 inches in length.

I found these on Google:

I hope you stay inspired!!! Happy Wednesday 😀


  1. I love those stitches for a cocoon. I have made several, but other than one in chevron, I have always just used DC for the entire cocoon.

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  2. Looks like it will be soft and cozy!

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  3. Lovely work

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  4. Such a cutie baby, great work.

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