Happy Monday Artisans!! I hope you had a productive weekend.

I finished my baby cocoon and will post that tomorrow, I washed it but I need to add a few finishing touches.

Today, let us enjoy baby booties/shoes all found on Pinterest:

I am going to be making a pair very soon , and I needed inspiration. The tutorial for the soles is very important, if you get the sole right then the rest of the shoe will come out Fab! 😀

Aren’t these lovely?? I think so too 😀

This is all for today Monday, I hope you have a very fantastic and productive week Artisans!


  1. That last pair, the pink booties, are just gorgeous!

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  2. Oh my gosh! All those sweet little shoes make me smile from ear to ear! So sweet!!

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  3. I love baby bootees and shoes and you have found some delightful examples to share. Agree though the trick is getting the sole right and I have to confess I have had to pull back and re-start many times so am looking at the sole tutorial next. Hope I have more sucesses than failures from now on!!

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