The fall season is upon us once more and that means an explosion of beautiful colors.

I don’t think we can improve on nature, so feast your eyes on the colors and check to see if you find your perfect yarn color.

So many projects so little time…..

If you like decorating your home for Autumn, then, this post is for you šŸ˜€

I am going to find a big ol’ Pumpkin and try to copy this creation.  I will post about it if I’m successful, stay tuned šŸ˜€

I will drop all my other WIPs to do this project, I think it looks “dreamy” and it won’t take forever. 

I have a feeling I could crochet a similar lace doily in less than a day….

This is all Folks!!! Happy Thursday!!

All images are thanks to Google


  1. I like it too, lots of work but totally lovely šŸ˜€


  2. I love the pumpkin with the lace doily, look forward to an update on your version.

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  3. So gorgeous, absolutely a favourite time of the year for me as I love the Fall colours and fun.

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  4. i really love the scarecrow it is adorable

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