I believe this doily will be perfect for my Pumpkins. I found it online (Pinterest) and followed the link until I found the free pattern here:

I am going to try to follow the written pattern  but if it gets confusing, then I am going to visually follow it.

It doesn’t look too hard right?, I hope I am not mistaken 😀

I want my doily nice and thick, so a size 5 or size 3 thread will be my first choice, and let us hope I find all the colors.

I will post like if it is a tutorial that way we can all help each other out.

So, what do you think? You want one right Now right?! Let us make our Thanksgiving table  decoration one of a kind pretty.

Okay, let me stop here, I need to shop for my supplies, I doubt I have the orange thread in my stash….

See You soon…


  1. Yes! 😀


  2. It’s PERFECT!!!!! I so luv those flowers as they are waving gently in the ditches along my road. A breathtaking example of the Lord’s landscaping!!!!!!!

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  3. Cute :)!

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