Welcome back to me!! And You!!!

How is it going with you? I am still amazed at all the gifts you have crossed off already…..

I did a lot of work this weekend:

My Lace Covered Pumpkins are almost off the list.

 I am using recycled yarn for the big pumpkin, so that bright green is not  going to “cut it” when it comes to beautiful autumn colors.

 I bought KoolAid so I am going to dye the lace, as soon as I finish the last stitch, which hopefully is ….tonight! ….keeping my fingers crossed…..

My second project is for the baby girl. I made it thick enough (double strand) so it can be used as a changing pad (in a pinch) but the main use is as a bag for the car or stroller.

I bought these, aren’t they cute? So now I need a newborn baby beanie to go with these booties.

So, let me stop here, and I’m soon going to start posting more regularly again 😀 I miss you guys! 😀


  1. Follow up with the cool aid dye, I’ve dyed things only to have the color fade away

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