I finished the Lace Covered Pumpkins project and I think I like them:

The Kool-Aid did a good job but I had to let it stay soaked in the mixture, if you look closely at the photograph, you will see drops of kool-aid on the pumpkin.

The following photograph was taken when I took it out of the mixture and let it dry:

It looked really awful so that is why I had to leave it in the Kool-Aid mix.

Don’t you think little Pumpkin need color too?? To me it doesn’t look right, it looks out of place.

I think if it’s not going to be near big pumpkin it looks fine. But if I put it beside the autumn colored lace Pumpkin, it suddenly looks out of place, do you agree with me?

You can see the progression from neon green to a nice burgundy color.

Okay, let me leave now, I need to scratch another project off the List…

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy!

Last photograph is thanks to Google.


  1. Love the lace covered pumpkins! Cool idea. I like the teal colored doily over the neutral one. Color is good 😉

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  2. Your pumpkins must be the best looking pumpkins around. Wow. Awesome.

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  3. Echo BRILLIANT!!!!!! Oh my………..I’m totally in LUV with this idea!!!!!! “Punkin Yarn Bomb”…..YES!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. The two belong together

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  5. Brilliant! Love the crochet covered pumpkins! 🙂 🙂

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  6. Interesting and cute! Never seen pumpkin doilies before 🙂

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