Hello!! I want to wish you a happy National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, it’s official, today we can wear outlandish Christmas sweaters πŸ˜€

I googled some and here are my picks:

And shoes are included too:

These are my favorites, do you have any faves? Leave a link and I will update this post πŸ˜€

Have a fun day, Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses…


  1. Sounds fun! I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

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  2. Wow! I didn’t know there was a day for Ugly sweaters. Too funny. Looks like some people go all out and get really crafty! Awesome pictures of your favorites.

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  3. Okay. I gracefully give in. YOU found the ugliest shoes ever, and that fireplace sweater – ugh! The background is just … the worst taste possible. LOL

    Your package arrived yesterday! Thank you so much. The cutter was a great idea. I don’t have one of that kind and had been wondering if I needed it … plus, new blade! Yay! You went to a lot of trouble making the best things for me. Thank you SO much! I’ll be blogging it in a couple of days, when I can get some pictures.

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  4. Those shoes…!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ

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  5. The shoes are totally making this post! LOL!

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  6. OMG I have to reblog this so my son-in-law can see the pictures, he always has a fit about Christmas sweaters, and our family was the ultimate. We would trade back and forth to wear to gatherings. He has spoiled it for me by telling me they are ugly. Haha! Thanks for the post!

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  7. Oh nice shoes, I hadn’t thought about that! I have two ugly Christmas sweaters I’ve been wearing, I’ve been working up the courage to attempt an ugly christmass tie! I figure I’ll have to search thrift stores for it.

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  8. Oh my gosh the shoes crack me up

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  9. πŸ˜€



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