Good morning!!! How’s it going? I hope it’s going fantastic 😀

This weekend I worked on several projects and tried to decipher a very pretty lace vintage… I had no luck, the first round was no problem but the second round is hard…

This is the lace:

Plus I started a thread doily, I love thread crochet and I was missing it 😀

Plus,  I’m working on something for my bathroom counters….

I think I’m back into the full swing of creative crochet and I’m happy 😀

Happy Monday Artisans!!! Have s great week!!


  1. This is an awesome post!


  2. Sure sounds busy, have fun. That vintage lace is stunning, looks complicated, but I know you will do it. 🙂

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  3. tonymarkp says:

    And a good week to you, too!

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