MONDAY 11/7/16

No need to tell you time is running out for our check List. I hope we are up to date on all our work in progress.

 I’m trying to keep up with my List, plus I want to have a Road Trip before the year is over, so I’m really multitasking to the max πŸ˜€

Changing Subjects: who says a doily has to be round? No One!!

I need to practice making different shapes of doily. I have always made round doilies which to me is easy, but when I saw these I knew I had to make an “odd shape doily” soon.

These two are really  stunning, and I’m tempted to change from a round doily to and odd shape doily……

I have finished my design of the Black Eyed Susan motif, I will post that tomorrow.

So, this is all for now…Happy Monday Everyone!!

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Hello Autumn!! Hello September !!

I have been taking it easy for several months but now I need to start accelerating to reach maximum speed, Christmas is just around the corner and I have lots of WIPs to complete….

I started a scarf but it doesn’t feel finished to me, so I’m going to continue working on this scarf until I “see/feel” the green light πŸ˜€ I know you know what I mean…

I may take a Road Trip aka Crochet Along with you to enjoy the beautiful vibrant colors of falls and I hope you come along with me, without You it will be boring πŸ˜€

For this season I like lots of nice vibrant  light weight scarves  ( we don’t have extreme temperatures in Paradise πŸ˜€)

What are your plans for the rest of the year? I know many of you have finished several Christmas gifts already…WOW to you. Yay!! 

So, prepare for lots of high velocity….

Enjoy today, it is a gift…

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Sundays are always best when you are relaxing in your favorite chair and watching non stop movies or reading a good book or out in nature or doing anything that brings you joy.

Sunday is a Fun Day!!! sounds a little cheesy but it works for me πŸ™‚

Today, is the day before Memorial Day and it is okay if you want to wear white: crochet tops, crochet collars, crochet dresses, skirts or anything white.

These are on Pinterest:

I found all these on Pinterest and I like them all, and you?

Summer is around the corner too so there’s lots more opportunities to wear all white or some white. 

And here is undyed silk white yarn for your projects:

You can find these on Etsy but there are lots more, just google it.

If you add a white collar to a favorite blouse it will trick your mind into thinking that you have a new blouse πŸ™‚

And what about this top?

Happy Sunday Artisans!!



Have you ever wondered why crochet makes everything better? well the answer is pretty simple: crochet can turn something that is fit for the trash or plain into something WOW! FAB! GORGEOUS!

Don’t take my word for it, just come along….

Tabs needs to be recycled please save them:

Image result for tabs crochet purse Image result for tabs crochet purse

Image result for tabs crochet purse Image result for tabs crochet purse Image result for tabs crochet purse

I think they are so creative and practical.

Plastic bags can become a work of art too:

 Image result for crochet recycled plastic bags

Image result for crochet recycled plastic bags Image result for crochet recycled plastic bags

Tires are not dainty but they can be very useful:

Image result for crochet recycled tires Image result for crochet recycled tiresImage result for crochet recycled tires

Well you get the picture, if  something can be kept out of the landfill and transformed into something creative and beautiful and useful then let us do it one stitch at a time.

Well this is all the inspiration for today, Have a Terrific Tuesday Artisans!

See You Soon….

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Happy Friday!! It came by too fast and I still did not finish MTB, bummer.

But I’m working on it every second I get. I am so eager to find out if the acrylic softening technique works like a charm, if it works and the blanket comes out soft and fluffy then I wouldn’t mind working with stiff and scratchy acrylic ☺️

I am posting more rows on the Overlay Crochet Doily over the weekend, that project should be wrapping up soon too.

In other news: The poll is coming along slowly and everyone is saying Yes!! πŸ˜€

I am going to see if I have what it takes to be a Crochet Entrepreneur. I have never sold any crochet item before but I have sold handmade cards some years back. Crochet is new and exciting and I Β won’t know until I try it huh?! Wish me luck….please???! πŸ˜€

And you know I never leave without showing you some inspiration for the weekend, these are from Instagram, enjoy!!

Have a great weekend, See You Soon..

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